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"If we were meant to be stable, we would not have had the power of creativity for only by using it can we become who we truly are."

Richard Augustin


A result driven composer, producer and audio engineer with over 20 years of expertise in the entertainment environment.  I have a strong aptitude and desire to develop constructive relationships with a broad group of fans and friends. I offer tenacious and superior technical abilities. The biggest challenge has been to adapted to a fast-paced and changing environment. Those constant changes gave me the canvas to grow and adapt to this ever changing industry while making it possible to give my best in this always challenging music entertainment business.

Albums produced, recorded and mixed

Audio Engineer with a strong background in audio editing. Current owner of an equipped recording, mixing and mastering studio in New York. Worked as a staff member at 321 Studios (formally known as the Record Plant), also produced and mixed other artist at known studios such as Platinum Sound Studios, Labella studio, Djazz La Studio, Unique Studios, Quad Studios and Power Play Studios. Always working on a new project and hoping not to disappoint  a most respected audience.

Coming soon

Move Tan.jpg

I am always hard at work producing, mixing and mastering different genre of music using a combination/variety of digital and analogue components that allow me to bring about a realistic sound in the recording. My affiliation with different studios makes it possible to conduct or operate live sessions. Thanks to my experience and access to a wide range of gears, I can proudly say that I always deliver a professionally finished product. Being armed with knowledge I always strive for the best.

Studio 2.jpg

My path led me to different environments were I am able to keep up with what is new and trending in the industry. I also offer my  services in sales, consultation and advice to a wide range of customers. One of those prestigious environment is "Samash Megastore" were I am always available and proud to be part of.


Take a look at my definition of Jamba Rhythm, the basis of my rhythmic way of approaching a composition (it varies based on the goal).


email me if you would like to receive a printable copy.

The group of songs that were chosen for the final  mixes on the upcoming album "Move Tan" reflects the way I see the world. In the work and to be released soon, I am recording a set of four songs;  an invitation to a "Caribbean cocktail". Stay tuned...

I do intend to make a sample available soon.

Jamba Rhythm (C) (P) 1997 2.jpg
New cover 5.jpg
Click on any pictures to request a sample of the latest album.
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